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Czech Dental Treatment News - July 2010:

Czech Dental Treatment News: 10-07-2010

Not much to report. Book your treatment now for the autumn.


Czech Dental Treatment News: 15-10-2008

We now have a UK based hotline which you can phone 24 / 7 for any information you may need concerning dental treatment in the
Czech Republic, and either speak to our operator or leave a voicemail with your phone nr. and name and we will phone you back within 4 hours.

If dialing from the UK :
020 8144 5875
If dialing from
outside the UK :
0044 20 8144 5875



Czech Dental Treatment News - February 2008:

Czech Dental Treatment News: 16-02-2008

As of February 2008 prospecting dental patients can now reach our dental organization services directly by phoning our dental treatment bookings mobile nr.

Feel free to phone any day of the week from 14.00 pm to 23.00 pm.

Dental treatment bookings Mobile nr. :
see UK hotline number above.



Czech Dental Treatment News
January 2008:

Czech Dental Treatment News: 28-01-2008

Happy new year.
As every 18 months, this January all dental treatment costs have had a small price increase - on average 10%.
Please see the treatment costs page for exact costs.


Czech Dental Treatment News
August 2007:

Czech Dental Treatment News: 31-08-2007

We are all booked out up to the end of October 2007 so any dental patients who have not yet started the procedure of getting a dental appointment over here please note that the next available appointment slots are from November 2007 onwards.

This excludes option X where a patient comes over just for a check up, panoramic x-rays and a dental plan.
Option X can be booked any trime but with at least 3 days advance notice and lasts about 1 hour.
So you could stay here just one night and depart the next afternoon.
But any treatment that will then be done will start from November onwards.


For previous news go to our Czech Dental treatment news and information page.


about Kromeriz in english

Dental treatment in the
Czech Republic and in Kromeriz ?

The following few pages contains vital information concerning our dental treatment organization services and about the dental services situation in the Czech Republic.

You SHOULD read these initial pages so as to understand some of the background involved in starting one of the most successful dental treatment abroad organization services from the Czech Republic for mainly UK, Irish and Scottish dental patients.

I know you are eager to get directly to the dental treatment costs and the dental treatment descriptions and after the next two paragraph you will find a direct link to these but I do suggest that either after you have browsed the Czech dental treatment price list, or even before you go there, that you do read the next few pages from top to bottom.
Especially if you have any doubts whatsoever concerning getting dental treatment abroad in the Czech Republic - Kromeriz or Zlin (Moravia) and about a dental treatment organization service such as ours.

If you read the next few page you will be wiser.

After all, I myself wouldn't put my teeth in someone else's 'hands' without being absolutely clear on what they were offering and why.

Here is a direct link to the :
Czech dental treatment costs

If you are going to be skimming these pages then also make sure you read the following page :
Dental treatment in the Czech Republic faq's

Also while you're at it - see some pics of dental madness (dental patients between dental sessions over here )

And also some testimonials from dental patients who have had dental treatment in the Czech Republic


Czech Dental Treatment NEWS 2008 :..

As of February 2008 prospecting dental patients can now reach me directly by phoning my dental treatment bookings mobile nr :

Feel free to phone any day of the week from 14.00 pm to 23.00 pm.

Mobile nr. : 00420 - 605 314 336

Or leave a message on our UK hotline voicemail number and Pete will phone you back :
If dialing from the UK :
020 8144 5875
If dialing from
outside the UK :
0044 20 8144 5875


In the beginning...

My own case story on how I got my teeth repaired in Kromeriz and saved a fortune, and then moved to the Czech Republic, and am now offering reliable dental treatment appointment organization for international dental patients to the Czech Republic, ... and a lot of other rubbish that won't interest anyone except those who might be basing their dental treatment in the Czech Republic on what I tell them.....

[ addendum
quite a lot of dental patients who have come over to the Czech Republic to Kromeriz or Zlin for dental treatment have told me upon their arrival and meeting me - that they had been under the impression from this web site that I was perhaps Italian (since I had lived there) - or maybe even German.

Well, I'm english, brought up in London, have lived and travelled the whole wide world...just to set the record straight and to help prospecting patients understand who will be organizing their dental treatment ]

How this all started:
This web site was initially created for pleasure and hobby since I, Pete, first came to Kromeriz in 1998 with my then italian girlfriend Simona to visit some friends and by chance we also got our teeth repaired.

During this first visit to Kromeriz we took the opportunity to visit a dentist for a simple check up and a cost quote for some dental work both of us knew would have to be done sooner or later on our teeth.

We were then living in Italy and were dreading not only the work itself that needed doing - but especially the Italian dental costs.

The result of the Kromeriz dental exploratory visit was an extended stay to 11 days during which both Simona and myself visited the dentist almost twice a day - each and every day - to have the 'work' done in record time and at very accessible costs.

Between the two of us we had
the following dental treatment:

4 porcelain crowns,
2 reconstructed teeth,
9 fillings,
plaque removal, tartar removal
partial periodontal gum disease treatment
teeth polishing
x-rays / local anaesthetic etc.

Elsewhere in Europe the time needed for all this drilling and filling would have been at least 3 months (UK) to 1 year (Italy) and the average cost for example in Italy for this type of work would have been around Euro 4000 upwards.

In Kromeriz this was all done in 11 days and the overall cost came to
Euro 600.
Lock, stock and new teeth for both of us.

[ I have since found out that in the UK and Ireland - today in 2006 - the average cost of 1 crown is about £550 (800 Euro)
In Kromeriz or Zlin today, a crown will cost about £ 237 / Euro 338 Euro.

Please see the dental treatment costs section and use a currency converter to be up to date with actual exchange rates.

I'm no maths wizard but that's less than a third of the UK costs according to my calculator and if you're having say 5 crowns done, then you save £1,500+.
Work it out for yourself if you can add up better than I can.]

Anyway... I liked the town of Kromeriz so much, and not only because that is where my grandfather was from - that this web site ensued.

And Simona and myself were so pleased with the dental treatment we received, especially the cheap dental costs that I initially put up our 'teeth repair' experience on this site, as a sort of teeth repair travel journal.
(Modesty aside - it was I who invented Blogs back in 1999 !)

Then our friends from Italy and the UK started going to Kromeriz to get their teeth repaired too and this site began to receive requests from people from all over the world who found the teeth pages through search engine searches.

[ In the last week of August 2005 alone, we had 6 individual dental patients in Kromeriz, 2 from Ireland, 2 from the UK and two from Italy.
Two of them have decided to buy a house here and one just bought it (July 2006 ).
From the end of October 2005 we receive an average of 10 dental patients each month between Kromeriz and Zlin ]

Slowly I came to the conclusion that it would be a pity not to tell the world all about 'it' - and have since then expanded our 'teeth pages' to what they are today.

Due to the fact that my web businesses became non-dependent of having to have an office and all is done via the internet, I moved to the Czech Republic in 2002, and now live between Zlin and Kromeriz with my Czech girlfriend.

And since then more and more people have been coming over here to get top quality dental treatment at really affordable prices that this little hobby has flourished more and more each month since the last year and a half and here I am.

We have now rented out three apartments where we accommodate our dental visitors, work with four dentists in all, and thanks to Ryanair who now fly into Brno all year round the english speaking visitors to Kromeriz and Zlin are growing in numbers monthly.

Please note:
Dental treatment in Kromeriz or Zlin, is not only cheaper than in Prague, but so is the accommodation, food, transport by taxi and entertainment.
A complete meal like large beef steak, baked potatoes, vegeteables, salad and 5 beers or 1 good bottle of wine in Kromeriz will cost you around 9 Euro or 6 Pounds. In Prague at least three times as much.
Accommodation in Kromeriz, and we're talking about clean very decent accommodation with sat tv, will cost you around Euro 30 - uk Pounds 21 per person per night. In Prague at least 50% more. If you're going to stay a week, then all these cheaper expenses will add up to even more saving.

Look forward to meeting you over here.

Now please go to the next
sections which are all about:

Czech dentists, Czech dental treatment and dental prices for dental treatment abroad in the Czech Republic




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