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Czech Dental Treatment News - November 2009:

Czech Dental Treatment News: 10-07-2010

Everything is ticking as it should be - book your dental treatment now for the autumn.


Czech Dental Treatment News: 15-10-2008

We now have a UK based hotline which you can phone 24 / 7 for any information you may need concerning dental treatment in the
Czech Republic, and either speak to our operator or leave a voicemail with your phone nr. and name and we will phone you back within 4 hours.

If dialing from the UK :
020 8144 5875
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outside the UK :
0044 20 8144 5875


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Some information about Czech Dentists and dentistry in the Czech Republic:

Having myself experienced various european dentists: in the UK where I was brought up, in Germany, Spain, and Italy where I lived for longer periods, and also those of the Czech Republic, I have found most to be pretty good.

[ - I have since changed my mind on UK dentists from what I keep hearing from UK dental patients who have been over here. My old dentist in London near St Paul's - in 1979 - was a great dentist and so was his surgery and all was done on the NHS with minimal waiting time, but the news I keep getting now is that all this has changed and that most dentists in the UK today have now become private clinics and that now it's all about money. Or that NH dentists take their time - like in waiting for a plank to warp]

a good dentist is a good dentist in most civilized countries.

But each good dentist has his good or exaggerated price and short or very long work spans for getting the job done.
Not to mention the ridiculous dentists' waiting lists as in the UK and Ireland.

Recently, one dental visitor from London told me that in the UK the procedure in getting a tooth repaired is as follows:
You fix an appointment with a dentist and then 3 months later you go to that appointment.
Your dental plan is made and your next appointment is made for 9 months later.
9 months later you finally go to get your dental treatment and if by then the tooth has not fallen out - it is extracted.

Sure - this may be a bit of an exaggeration, but there again probably not by much.

Czech dentists operate under stringent, top European and worldwide standards and are easily compared to USA, German, British, Spanish, Italian and Swiss dentists in all aspects - apart from the costs and times.

For a fraction of the price in a much shorter time span - in Kromeriz or Zlin, you can have your teeth repaired, get fillings done, have crowns set, veneers fitted or have dental implants and even more complicated work such as bone grafts done whilst enjoying a short dental holiday and saving a fortune on your UK etc. dental bills.

If you have teeth problems and have been quoted a fortune by your local dentist for the work to be done and done in a longer time period - then you might consider a trip to the Czech Republic Kromeriz or to Zlin.

Kromeriz and Zlin are just a 90 minute flight from Stansted with Ryan air all year round.

The money and bother you will save are unequaled anywhere else.

Examples of Czech dental treatment costs:

In 2003 someone had work done in Kromeriz which basically involved reconstructing all the upper teeth with implants (riveting base structure to the jaw bone) to hold the new metal ceramic teeth structure.
This came to cost Euro 4000.

Elsewhere in Europe a similar 'job' would have cost around Euro 20.000.

A friend of mine from Switzerland had one implant done between August 2004 and January 2005.
This involved a first exploratory visit with x-rays to decide which titanium bolt and what size and thickness to use.

The chosen titanium bolt was then inserted and this was done under local anaesthetic and took 30 minutes.
The gum where the tooth was missing was cut open, a hole drilled in the jawbone and the titanium bolt screwed in.
The gum was then stitched with self-disolving stitches (4 stitches) so he could go back to Switzerland and not have to go there to a dentist to have the stitches removed.

As this was the upper jaw, a 5 month healing period was required between the bolt insertion and the ceramic tooth placement.

5 months later on the second visit - on a Monday the implant was checked out, a cast was taken of the upper teeth to make the porcelain tooth and the implant was prepared for the tooth to be placed onto it.
Basically a small cylinder is placed around the protruding bolt to make room around it for the new tooth.
The tooth was then made and was ready to be screwed onto the titanium bolt the same week on the Friday.

The whole process of 2 visits, dental work and top material - the titanium bolt - cost a total of Euro 750.
In Switzerland my friend was quoted Euro 3000.

In Prague this same treatment would cost nearly twice as much as in Kromeriz, so about Euro 1500, which is still half of the Swiss quote .. but is still Euro 750 more than in Kromeriz.

So going by the treatment Simona and I myself received, or the two examples quoted above, it must be pretty obvious that even going over to Kromeriz or Zlin several times, there is much money and time bother to be saved.

Want to compare
dental repair costs worldwide ?

You can have some fun and check this USA dental costs calculator out for yourself.
( costs/)
This is a dental services cost calculator for the USA.

Amazing, and in my next life I want to be an N.Y. City dentist !


Why is dental work so professional but then still so cheap in the Czech Republic ?

Especially outside of Prague ?

It's professional because if the communists were good at one thing - it was providing top medical treatment to the people. This aspect has gotten even more professional since the comrades got thrown out in 1989 and in the last 17 years Czech dental services have caught up to match if not to better all the latest technology available elsewhere like in the USA and rest of Europe.

[ One of the dentists we work with has a mini mouth camera and a monitor above the dental chair and will be happy to show you around your mouth where every nook and cranny and the state of your teeth is visible on-screen.
Another dentist has his own panoramic x-ray machine, and a tomograph - CT can be done at the local clinic in 15 minutes and costs about 30 uk pounds if done privately - try getting a tomograph in the UK privately and at what cost ]

Cheap dental repairs ?
Actually it's not that it's cheap - it's just that these are the local rates.

Someone such as a teacher in Kromeriz, who earns about Euro 350 a month can't be expected to pay Euro 800 for a single porcelain crown can they ?
International patients pay local prices with a small difference as they do not have Czech national health insurance which for Czech patients pays a part of their costs.
Also, dental patients from abroad who come here pay a little more than the locals because they get all the treatment done in a short timeline and this is where the dental lab have to speed up or work in the evenings, whereas a Czech dental patient has no return flight to catch and is quite happy to wait 10 days for a crown to be made.


Dental services you may
expect to receive in Kromeriz and/or in Zlin.

Because of the overwhelming demand for dental treatment, probably due to our offering top dental treatment organization services in the Czech Republic and working with top Czech dentists and implantologists who are experts in the field - We now work with four Czech dentists.
Two in Kromeriz and two in Zlin

The Kromeriz and Zlin dentists will undertake the following dental treatments:
• Ceramic Crowns
• Metal ceramic crown Bridges
• Dental Implants (Branemark)
• Faceted Crowns
• Porcelain Veneers
• Root canal treatment
• Dental Bleaching - cosmetic treatment,
• Laser whitening of teeth
• Amalgamate filling with local anaesthetic
• Photocomposit filling with local anaesthetic
• Photocomposit build up
• Simple extraction with local anaesthetic
• Complicated extractions
• Prothesis (False teeth - dentures),
• Partial Prothesis (partial dentures you dummy)
• Paradontosis - gum disease , treatment
• Anti - Bruxism protection
• General exploratory visit
• Plaque cleaning and removal
• Oral X-ray and analysis
• Panoramic X-ray and analysis
• Dental Surgery
• Bone graft
• Sinus lifting

The dentists in Kromeriz and Zlin do not hike prices.
Prices of treatment are those stated in our dental treatment price section and if you know exactly what needs to be done - then you can easily work out the cost for yourself using our dental costs and dental treatment information in the Czech Republic.

Sometimes the dentist will add a suggestion or two but this is then up to you.
For example, one Scottish patient came to have two ceramic crowns done and the dentist told him that he could have a three crown bridge done instead in the same time period but with an additional cost of 100 Euro.
Basically nearly the same as having 3 separate crowns.
The patient thought this a great idea and as his local dentist had told him that doing this would mean too much fiddling around and would cost a fortune.

So he left Kromeriz with 3 new teeth instead of only two.

Cost for treatment
or dentist time ?

For dental work in Kromeriz and/or Zlin, the costs are for the work done and not for any time spent in doing it.
So if a crown takes 2 appointments or 5 - you still pay the listed price for 1 crown and not the extra dental work and time needed.

In general - for any dentistry work done in Zlin/Kromeriz - from fillings to crowns or implants - the cost is up to 5 times cheaper than if done in the UK, Scotland. Ireland, USA, Germany, Italy, Switzerland etc.

In Prague, dental treatment costs are at least two to three times as much as in Kromeriz or Zlin and also everything else will cost you 4 times as much.
Accommodation, transport, wining and dining entertainment etc.

It's your choice and teeth and with all the information on this web site you could probably fly to Prague, rent a car and drive 100 km out of Prague to the next largest town and find a decent dentist all on your own.
But even Czech dentists have booked out schedules so you may get a surprise if you just turn up at any dentist.

That's why we now work with four dentists and we can get you an appointment within 2 week's notice.

Calming the nerves for patients who are scared s**t of dentists.
Up to now we have had one single patient who informed me before we confirmed his dental appointment that he would be bringing over his own Valium as he was truly scared to death when going to any dentist.
When I picked him up the on the morning of his first appointment I was expecting him to be high on Valium and wondered if I were to have to carry him to the dentist.
Actually this chap was as normal as he was the evening before (before the Slivovitz) and said he didn't feel any difference although he took twice the dose.
It turned out not to be Valium but some sort of lesser calming stuff his UK gp had given him.
After his first visit to the dentist he told me that that was the best anaesthetic injections he had ever gotten (they didn't hurt whilst being injected), and the least painless dental session in his whole life. (he was 54 yrs, old and an 'expert' on UK dental visits)
And he said this on the following three other visits on this same dental treatment visit. (he got a complete ceramic bridge which involved extracting 3 teeth and filing down the other 7 and inserting metal pins into some root canals before the bridge could be fitted - in all quite a lot of dental work.

This applies to ALL patients who have come over to Kromeriz or Zlin to get their teeth done.
They receive top quality dental treatment by very caring dentists who also have a large dose of being humane.
Some patients have told me that for example in the UK the dentists stick needles into gums and pull the trigger faster than Dirty Harry making his day.

So basically - Czech dentists - or at least the ones I take patients to in Kromeriz and Zlin do take care and time to administer the anaesthetic
And if they do this better than the UK dentists - you don't need to guess that they also take utmost care during the rest of the dental treatment.

Secondary option to feeling great at the dentist.
Mostly, patients arrive at least one day prior to their first dental appointment and I usually show them around Kromeriz or Zlin, have a meal with them in a good restaurant and obviously in most cases we end up drinking the local Slivovitz.(plum brandy of 51+%)
This is a secondary, and very optional solution to feeling relaxed before going to the dentist as most of these evenings end in the early hours of the morning.
And I'm not joking as it's very rare that dental patients from at least Ireland and the UK manage to turn up at the dentist the next day with alcohol-free breath.

But then most dental patients who come over here to the Czech Republic come for three reasons:
1) Get professional dental treatment at a quarter of the price than elsewhere.
2) Get the treatment done in a compressed timeline
3) Also to have a short holiday and a good time.

And some of the past patients who have been over have bought a house in Kromeriz so they must have had fun.
Oh did I not mention that real estate in Kromeriz can still be bought very cheaply ?


When requesting an appointment - if you include precise details of what you need or what your dentist has told you you need - you will receive e precise cost estimate and timeline back via e-mail.
E-mailing us an x-ray snapshot also helps. (see faq's section)


Now please go on to the next section which is all about our dental treatment organization service and how you can get great quality and affordable dental treatment in the Czech Republic.



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