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and other than dental treatment had some fun too.

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Kromeriz and Zlin Dental patients picture gallery

February to October 2006

This is Nick.

A very nice chap from London who came over with his son to get some dental treatment.

Once again we're in my kitchen and once again we have overdone it with the good old Slivovitz.

The evening before, Nick had nursed a glass of Slivovitz in his hand for about 2 hours despite the fact that I kept telling him that it's supposed to be drunk cold.

Presumably, after on the first evening Nick had assumed that one glass of Slivovitz in 2 hours didn't do much harm, on this second evening he drank 4 glasses in the space of the first 5 minutes as if he were drinking water.
Bad idea.

So here he is after about 15 minutes, speechless and just about holding onto his chair.

To his credit though, Nick knew when to stop and for the next 20 minutes drunk about two bottles of mineral water and got back to normal.

On the left is Adrian, Nick's son, to the right Sufiane, a young software programmer from London.

Sufiane throughout his whole visit - even after the dentist had written down every single x-ray and crown costs for him - kept asking me ' so how much is all this going to cost ?'

Even after he paid his dental bill, I still think he was convinced something must be wrong since he paid exactly according to our price list and I am convinced that up to the last moment before his departure he thought the least that would happen to him is that we would steal one of his kidneys.

No luck matey - the amount of Slivovitz Sufiane downed would make a sailor blush and probably render anyone's kidneys useless.

He was very impressed though when he got to see the actual dental lab where all the crowns and bridges are made as he has a cousin in the UK studying to be a dental technician and apparently the Kromeriz dental lab is more modern, better outfitted than the one in the UK where his cousin is.


Summer 2006


This is around July 2006 and here we have near the camera Ken - and Jane back to get Jane's final bridge fitted.

In the background are Carla and Avril.

On this visit Ken went to play golf both in Olomouc and near Brno and had a great time.

And who wouldn't if it's their wife who has to go to the dentist.

Carla and Avril

Avril, Jane, Ken, beer bottle, Carla .. on my terrace.

Yep, I don't only have a kitchen but a beautiful terrace too that faces onto the Kromeriz Castle gardens and blah blah blah ... I'm really chuffed about my terrace.

Jane and Ken

Back in my kitchen.
This is Frank back again during the first trip in which he and David (standing) started the grueling task of emptying Frank's newely bought house in Kromeriz of all the rubbish, such as floorboards and similar. See more building fun below.

Brenda is on the left and Jackie on the right who both came over in July 2006 to get their dental treatment in Kromeriz.

On the same afternoon that this photo was taken, Jackie had gotten her implants and there was nearly no swelling.

This nice lady is Anne Marie who was over in April 2006.

We've had some pretty amazing people over in the past few years and Anne Marie tops quite a few of them.

Anne Marie used to sell jewellery in the UK, ( like going around with a suitcase full of Cartier ) then went to Fuereventura to work at a beach bar, bought a small yacht there and sailed it back to the uk - on her own, then moved to Ireland where she got her Dublin taxi driver license ... and this was just one afternoon of conversation with her.
More installments to come.



Recently someone wrote me an e-mail suggesting that we should have before and after pics of our dental patients.

Well here at least is one of John before he got his dental treatment.

( John, I asked you if I could publish this and I presume even after the 20 glasses of Sivovitz the day you said yes that you meant it )

Jokes aside John was a great laugh.



Here we have Nina who was back for her final visit and to get her whole top row bridge fixed onto the 6 implants she had gotten 5 months earlier.

The evening of the day when Nina had the bridge inserted and her dental treatment was completed, I went for a drink with her to a local restaurant where she also had a meal.

This was the first meal in about 20 years that Nina enjoyed with a complete upper row of teeth, without her previous dentures.

And boy did she enjoy that meal .


This is Russell from Ireland with his Polish girlfriend Martha.
Russell was over start September 2006 for 3 days, then went to Poland for two wedding of friends of his girlfriend's.

Apparently these were vodka weddings and just as well that Russell had already gotten a lot of Slivovitz practice on his previous visits over to Kromeriz

And this is Jerry, a very nice American gentleman, who goes to Germany once a year and came over to the Czech Republic to get some teeth work done.

Despite the one big argument I had with Jerry concerning Steve Jobs - [ Jerry - I still maintain that Windoze sucks and Macs rule ] he was a great laugh to around with, especially on his arrival when he arrived from Germany by train and was wearing Bavarian shorts with suspenders and a white shirt to match, just like the Oktober Fest crowd.

And right up to his departure I though he was going to buy and wear a local Moravian folkloristic costume which are similar to the Morris dancer's gear.

Unfortunately he didn't.

Jerry and me

We had just had a meal of Czech tartar steak, which is raw minced meat served on toasted bread rubbed with garlic, the mince meat on top of that and then dipped into freshly chopped up garlic and onions.

Since nobody in this picture was going to kiss anyone else ( in this picture ) that evening, nobody minded.

And our stomachs were fine the next day.

Kevin of Uk origins but lives in Switzerland, and Jerry.


This was Jerry's last evening and I think he's either got a piece of garlic stuck between his teeth or is trying to show off his new teeth with some garlic stuck between them.

So much for mobile phone camera quality.
Russell, Martha, Carla and Jerry at the Holub restaurant.
Frank from ... err .. well never mind the hat ... from Ireland standing at the front door of his brand .... brand... ... almost brand ... almost ... well newly bought house where he and David spent a grueling 10 days ripping out the floors etc renovating the property.
Frank again with more of the house.
The house in full splendour.
Actually, when it's completed Frank will have 3 separate apartments including a lofty loft apartment and all for the price of a bargain.
This is David who usually had a nice grin on his face but after slaving away day after day moving all the rubbish from the house in probably the hottest summer we've had in Kromeriz in the last 500 years, who can blame him for not saying cheese in this picture.

Once again, the kitchen dance evenings.

Here are Brenda, and a lovely couple Jane and Peter.

Jane and Peter stayed for 10 days and had a great time.
They went to Prague for two days between dental treatment and were hilarious from morning to morning.

This evening, apart from the disco dancing in my kitchen, we were doing some wine tasting, Meaning we 'tasted' almost all the content of the 8 bottles that were for the tasting, and then as an afterthought drained one full bottle of Slivovitz between us.

If I remember correctly Brenda, Peter and Jane left at around 4 am, and Jane had to be at the dentist at 8.

No wonder nobody, me included, did not show up before dinner time the next day.

The casino evening in Zlin.

Myself, Brenda, Jane and Peter.

This evening started off with a fantastic meal at the Mexican restaurant in Zlin ( as in TexMex ) and continued at the Zlin casino where we played Blackjack and Roulette.


Carla, Brenda, Jane and Peter.

One last note on dental treatment and especially the dentists over here and I will take Jane as a perfect example.

Women are usually known to have a higher tolerance to pain than us coward men, and this is a known fact ( they bear children etc ) and Jane was one tough lady, without any real worrying premonitions prior to getting her dental treatment.

But she wasn't exactly enthusiastic about having to have one tooth extracted on one day, and four days later three teeth extracted and as any sane person would, was not exactly looking forward to it.

She was extatic after both extraction sessions
[as extatic as one can be after teeth extraction] and her words:
" I would do that again, here in Kromeriz, any day "

So if anyone is contemplating on coming over here for dental treatment and know they need some teeth extracted, and are scared stiff ( as I am ) of having teeth extracted, let me know and I will pass on Jane and Peter's e-mail to you and I am sure they will fill you in on the not so gory details.


Here we are at the Boucek Restaurant.

My ugly self, Fabio, Asam and Stephen.

Fabio from Italy, Asam from London on his second visit, and believe it or not Stephen all the way from Canada - also on his second visit.

As mentioned elsewhere on this website - I will not put up before and after dental pics here.

Simply because most sites that do - get models or make them up and if I saw a before / after dental pics I myself would think ' oh yeah, who are they trying to kid '

Hence this photo of Fabio here is just for laughs and shows Fabio's teeth after they have been prepared for the final dental bridge.

No - this is NOT the final bridge.
This is the metal sctructure of the final metal ceramic bridge which is usually tested for fitting BEFORE the ceramic coating is baked onto the metal part.

Reminiscent of Jaws
from James Bond.

Fabio was a great laugh with a great sense of humour.

Ciao fabio !

Mary from Ireland, Stephen from Canada, Barry from the uk, and Jim, Mary's husband.
  [ next update with more pics and daft comments probably around January 2007 ]

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