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Even more pics of dental patients who have been to Kromeriz and Zlin
and other than dental treatment had some real fun too.

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Kromeriz and Zlin Dental patients picture gallery


Not many photos to show - I just haven't had the time to sort them all but here are just a few.

March 2007

This is Tony and myself

(Tony before completing his dental treatment )

Taken with a mobile phone the quality is not all that good but I believe the photographer got the message.

May 2007

Well, you've have guessed it, this picture was not taken inside a dental surgery.

The problem with Kromeriz is that after 1 am during the week there are not many decent places to go for a beer so sometimes myself and dental patients go to one of the local brothels.

They serve beer, nobody gets any hassle, and if a beer is not enough one can also watch a strip tease.

June 2007 - chilling out in the garden with some friends - Carla third from left - me behind the camera.
kromeris fireworks display

June 2007 - Kromeriz fireworks from the castle grounds.

Actually I am very lucky to be living right next door to the Kromeriz castle as the fireworks land right on my terrace.

Bits and pieces of burnt fireworks falling all around me and the most beautiful explosions of colour right above me.

In the Czech Republic, alcohol tolerance whilst driving is ZERO, zilch - as in not-even-half-a-pint!

Well who said so ?

Along the Morava river just behind Kromeriz, as you can see drinking and cycling at least is easily done.

Friends of mine convinced me to come along for a ride - my first on a bike in 6 years.

Smoking whilst cycling ?
Easier done than most would think.
kromeriz square concert

July 2007, I photographed everything except the 4 dental patients sitting with me on the Boucek restaurant terrace ... duh.

Anyway - this is the usual twice monthly concert of some sorts held in the main Kromeriz square.

August 2007 - some Italian dental patients sitting in a garden of a friend of mine.
On this day they came to watch me drown in the swimming pool ... see below for the drowning part.
December 2007 - this is Alex, a very pleasant young man who obviously needed some teeth.

I stopped adding photos here start 2008 due to lack of time.

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