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A few pics of dental patients who have been to Kromeriz and Zlin
and other than dental treatment had some fun too.

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The end of August 2005 Kromeriz dental crowd - and what a mad crowd that was....

This is Rob who came over in August 2005 and until he decided to actually get into that thing resembling an airplane and fly over Kromeriz for thirty minutes, we all considered him to be pretty sane.

Still, he got off the plane after the flight with a big grin on his face so it can't have been all that bad.

Neither of the other 2 dental visitors who were with us on this occasion took a flight and I had my flight two years ago on a hurricane style windy day and have not gone up a ladder since.

This is me at the Kromeriz airport trying to
figure out a reasonable but plausible excuse
for why I am not going to get in that plane.

Here is Rob again with Carla watching him
suspiciously and wondering if he really is going
to steal that antique typewriter, and if he does,
how I am going to explain it to the
six foot five owner of the bar we were in.


Frank had already been over once and on this second visit brought his girlfriend Jeanette with him for some teeth repairs.

Actually the first time Frank arrived was hilarious.
He got out the taxi and went to put his luggage in his room to join me and another dental visitor for a drink.
He arrived at the table with one front tooth missing, and I could swear it had been there when he had arrived.

Frank's explanation:
"... Yeah I know but after having to glue my front crown in place for the past six months with superglue and when it just fell out whilst I was having a shower, and since I'm going to the dentist tomorrow - I thought what the f*** and didn't bother to glue it back in... "

Like all dental patients who come
over to Kromeriz or Zlin, Frank and Jeanette
did enjoy the Czech Beer.

Rob, Frank and Jeanette after a meal
we had in Kromeriz at the Holub Restaurant.

We had several dental patients over in this particular week and this evening ended up with everyone in stitches.


And this is Stewart.
A really pleasant chap from the UK, with a great
sense of humour and was superb company to be in.

He and Frank and Jeanette hit it off right from the start and were at each others throats (in a friendly way) throughout their whole stay.

Come to think of it, it was Stewart who started on about the hamsters (as in the Petshop Boys hamsters) and this remained the running joke for that particular week.
And I'm not going to divulge here as this is a decent website.

Stewart had some work done on his front teeth and spent the first three days going around with three teeth missing and grinning like a weasel at anyone who looked in his direction.
When he first met Dany (my girlfriend's six year old daughter), who at this time also had two front teeth missing, ..Stewart smiled at her, showing the gaping hole in his mouth and said "Look ... no teeth either".
Although Dany did not really understand what this foreign guy was on about, she started giggling like mad and took a liking to Stewart from that moment.

The orange peel was Stewart's way of saying the dental work here is very good, and if you notice the blue ring on his nose, that was the pool table chalk that we all rubbed on our noses in the previous tournament of pool.
Don't ask me which idiot thought that up.


Between one dental appointment and another - why not some golf in Olomouc


Carla and Ken playing golf ... well sort of.

Actually Ken, who has already been over here twice for dental treatment is a brilliant golf player and took Carla and myself to the golf club in Olomouc.

After the nine holes we played and three hours later, we were all sweating and puffing and I asked Ken about this and how come that Tiger Woods is still immaculate in his Nike t-shirt after 18 holes.
Ken explained that the average golfer tends to play in a straight line from where he starts his drive to where he puts the ball into the hole.
We were sweating because we did everything else other than play in a straight line, hitting the ball left, right, backwards and sideways but not straight ahead - hence we walked about three times as much as your average golfer.

Poor Ken.
He did the same amount of walking as we did and it was our fault.

How did we do ?
Ken was +2, Carla was +98 and I was +112 so I guess I won as I got the most points.

Carla and Ken wondering why I kept hitting the ball in any direction other than towards the green.

One of the few balls that I hit and then managed to find.
Me and Ken

Other dental and people and cat pics (some giraffes too)



This is me (on the right) and a friend of mine from Italy
who came to get some crowns done in 2004.


This is Carla and some Czech friends of ours.
He is giving his wife a haircut in their
garden and Carla just got in the way.

You'll never guess what came first:
the leopard shoes or the leopard handbag ?

Dany, Carla and Paul at the Zlin zoo.
Paul came over several times to get an implant
and some other dental work done.

If you go to the Zlin zoo, go see the lions.
A more hair-rasing experience than having some teeth extracted and I'm not going to give it away here but you'll understand the minute you get nearer to the lion pen.


My cat Bozka (eating from the blue plate) and that thieving fleabag of a cat from next door who as you can see has no problem in helping himself too.


This is Zlin in the winter so if you're coming over between November and March, do bring a pullover and a scarf.


September 2005 - Disco and Mambo Night in my Kromeriz kitchen

On this occasion we had a nice lady from Ireland over, Blanaid, who was here for her third visit and another dental patient from the UK, Roy.

So Carla and I invited them and some friends over to dinner in Kromeriz.

My ex-girlfriend was also visiting and she now teaches semi-professional mambo dancing... and being of Hungarian origin, guess how the evening proceeded after dinner.....

This is Roy and Blanaid dancing.




Blanaid and Roy dancing


Blanaid and Roy again,
and then Suzy (my ex) in the white trousers
and her friend Dasa.

And here is Suzy trying to teach Roy,
Blanaid, Dasa and her sister Jitka how to mambo.


Roy taking a breather from all the action.

Blanaid just can't stop.

More dancing fun in a Kromeriz kitchen.
Suzi and Blanaid
Roy, Carla's foot, Carla, myself, Dasa and Suzi
Suzy, Michael (a friend from Zlin),
Carla and Blanaid, and Jitka's half head.
Michael (now one of our drivers for airport pickups ) and Jitka
More Mambo lessons

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