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We now have a uk based hotline which you can phone 24 / 7 for any information you may need concerning dental treatment in the Czech Republic, and either speak to our operator or leave a voicemail with your phone nr. and name and we will phone you back within 4 hours.

If dialing from the UK :
020 8144 5875
If dialing from
outside the UK :
0044 20 8144 5875

Or phone Pete directly on 00420 606 890 501

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Dental treatment appointment organization service for the Czech Republic.

On this page:

What the organization of your
dental treatment involves

How much it will cost you

Transport details

Accommodation options ...

... and probably too much to read just for fun but since it's YOUR TEETH, do yourself a favour and please read this page from top to bottom.

This section will let you into the why, how come and how much.


As of February 2008 prospecting dental patients can now reach me directly by phoning my dental treatment bookings mobile nr :

Feel free to phone any day of the week from 14.00 pm to 23.00 pm.

Mobile nr. : 00420 - 606 890 501


So what do I get out of all of this ?

Do I make any money ?
Of course I do

Do I exploit people who need professional but very affordable teeth repairs in the Czech Republic ?
More than 200 UK and Irish patients who have been here only in the last 6 years don't think so.

Click this link to be bored stupid:
Something about myself and how I really make most of my money but also what I really get out of interesting international visitors coming to Kromeriz and Zlin where the local populations are a bit boring:

It might help you go figure out why I really do all of this dentistry organization stuff.

And if you want to see some of the actual dental patients who have been to Zlin and Kromeriz then click here.

If you haven't yet then also check out the testimonials page


And what do you, the prospecting dental patient get out of this ?

You get top dental treatment by probably the best dentists in the world

You save a fortune on dental treatment

You get the dental treatment done in a much more compressed timeline then you ever would in the UK, or Ireland

You go to the same dentists that I and my girlfriend go to, so we have been your guinea pigs for this, as have about another 130 international patients before you and after 3 years everyone has been happy with treatment and services received

You get contact e-mails to the most recent patients who have been here to ask them their opinion on the dentists and our service

You get the best guarantee you could possibly hope for when considering dental treatment abroad.
I do not sit in some office in Poland or London and intermediate dental treatment between dental patients who I will never meet face to face.
Nor do I take persons to dentists whom I have never even met let alone had my own teeth drilled by them.
I am based directly in Kromeriz / Zlin where you may probably come to - so you get to meet me face to face.
So there would be little point in me making all of the stuff up here if it were not 100% like it really is, because if you are not happy with anything, then I am here to take the responsibility and you can tell me directly.
This is why, unlike many dental organization services similar to ours, I can't afford to bring people abroad under false pretences.
And this is what our organization service charge buys you: TRUST, REASSURANCE and CONFIDENCE

Through me, my web site and any other information I can offer you, you will actually be making money.
And this is an important point that many people take for granted.
If in the UK you need a lot of dental treatment done you may been quoted say UK pounds 10.000.
The same treatment, done in a much shorter time here could probably cost you AT LEAST half as much. So through our service you make / save 4.000 pounds or 6.000 Euro.

Correct me if I'm wrong - but no bank, investment fond, or wall street speculation can give you such good returns.

So is our dental treatment services organization in the Czech Republic for free ?

..... and yes ... here comes the SMALL TEXT....

Due to the overwhelming demand for dental treatment in the Czech Republic - Kromeriz and now also in Zlin during the last 3 years - and due to the utmost care and organization details that either myself or Carla put into getting dental appointments organized for international patients in the Czech Republic, and especially as I Pete function as a guarantor since you will meet me when you get here - as of May 2005 we have come up with a plan where everyone is happy:

To organize a dental treatment appointment in Kromeriz and Zlin the usual scenario is as follows:
We receive a request via e-mail.
I filter this and evaluate if it is a sincere request for dental treatment or a time waster.
( i.e. someone who requests false teeth made of diamonds is a time waster. )

Once filtered, and if judged as sincere but above all comprehensible, the request is translated into Czech and emailed to one of the dentist.
The dentist e-mails me back with possible appointment dates and any technical questions he might have concerning the request.
Quite often this will also involve several phone calls between ourselves and the dentist and quite often even the patient.

During this stage - When I feel that the request I receive from you is pretty sincere, and then after I reply with what the dentist had to say and we are getting near to you actually booking your dental visit to the Czech Republic, I will e-mail you phone / email contact details of about 5 or 6 patients from the UK, Ireland, Scotland etc who have been here recently and you can ask them anything you like concerning myself, how everything is organized and above all - about the dentists.

Why are the details of past dental patients
not published on this website ?

I will no way include here details or contact e-mails of patients who have already been here for the general public to see for obvious reasons.
Not obvious ?
Ok, it's called respecting people's privacy.
Only when I think you are not a nutter will I directly e-mail you these details.
And yes, I do have permission from these recent patients to send their contact details to new prospecting dental patients.
In fact quite a few have suggested this themselves after they too had a few understandable doubts before coming over only to discover that out services and especially the dentists are as good as we claimed they were.

We then email the patient back either confirming that the treatment is viable or with the translated technical questions from the dentist.
This goes on until both parties, the patient and the dentist know what each will have done / will be doing.

Usually one or two e-mails between the prospecting dental treatment patient and ourselves are enough but sometimes it can be 5 to 10 emails for sorting out the details.
(Once it was 35 e-mails - Hi Kevin)

Then the dentist gives his ok and the patient confirms he's coming.

We then organize his taxi pick-up if requested at Prague, Brno or Vienna airport.
(It's much cheaper to send a taxi from Kromeriz then get taken to the cleaners by Brno or Prague Taxi drivers)
Also - our taxi driver will wait for hours if necessary (flight delay) .

Or we send detailed information about public transport from Prague, Brno or Vienna to Kromeriz / Zlin (train or bus) to the patient.

We then book his accommodation.
We welcome him/her/them upon arrival in Kromeriz or in Zlin.
We take him to the dentist on his first visit.
We organize transport in the Kromeriz / Zlin area for sight seeing if required and basically the patient feels welcome and at home.

Patients also receive a very rare hand made (in Adobe Photoshop) manually printed (by Epson Printer) complete and intelligently presented guide called:
" So now I'm in Kromeriz or Zlin, had my first dental appointment and what the f*** do I do for the next 3 days until the crowns are ready ?"

There is a lot to do in and around Kromeriz and Zlin for the quiet or lazy people, for the get up can't sit a minute kind, for those seeking culture, those more interested in a local post dental treatment anaesthetic called Slivovitz, or Pilsner beer, golf and tennis, and even for the adventurous looking for a bit of fun.
(see the rest of this site for more)

I myself am reachable via mobile phone all the time (24 hours a day) in case the patient has any questions or needs.
...and quite often we actually spend time with the visiting patient during his stay showing him/her/them around and even going on a night clubbing tour with them - which is amusing and a great distraction from the drilling and filling.

Also, during a patient's stay we keep in touch via phone with them quite often and also directly in person if needed and phone calls and petrol do not grow on trees over here.

We also now give dental patients a Czech mobile phone sim card if they want one, which they can use for their phone calling when over here (up to 50% cheaper than using your own UK etc, phone rates)


Sounds easy ?
When the patient doesn't require us to contact the dentist 10 times, changes his arrival date in the last second and does not want to bring his mother-in law and grandmother last-minute style for even more dental repairs - it's easy.

Otherwise more e-mails and phone calls are involved between us and the dentist and so on.

And all this work is mainly done by myself, but Carla also helps out in the organization details (hotel bookings, shopping arrangements, taking patients to the dentist etc.) and our faithful taxi driver Mr Lehky also does his bit.
In August 2005 we had a patient who fell asleep with his contact lenses still in - got an eye infection and Mr Lehky spent the whole next morning with him at the oculists (I was in Zlin).

I also supervise over the proceedings, keep count of all arrivals and appointments and give assistance where needed.

It may sound easy - because I just make it look easy.


So we now operate under the following conditions.

Everything is organized as stated above and only after your first visit to the dentist when you are done and content you pay the organization fee.

This fee is payable after the first visit to the dentist where a panoramic x-ray is taken, you get examined, you and the dentist agree on the best treatment for you and also you get an accurate cost quote for all the treatment you will be receiving including a timeline for all the next dental visits during your stay.
Obviously, the cost quote is identical to the dental treatment price list on this web site but is tailored to your particular dental situation.

Dental treatment appointment organization services fee costs:
One Person:
Czech Crowns 6.800

Two Persons coming together:
Czech Crowns 10.100

Three Persons coming together:
Czech Crowns 14.200

Four Persons coming together:
Czech Crowns 17.500

Bus-loads of dental patients :
Just kidding - we only cater for up to 4 persons coming together as a group (family - friends etc. )

[ the organization fee is payable in Czech Crowns ]

If you are by any chance not satisfied, or should decide that you have changed your mind after the first dental visit where you get the general exploratory visit - you don't pay the organizational fee.

Never happened up to now but seems a fair guarantee for anyone who might be thinking that this might be some sort of fiddle.

[ actually - this has happened twice in the last 6 years from 200+ dental patients in this period only two let me down....
One was an Italian client in summer 2005 who run out of money and promised to send me the payment but never did.
The second occasion was in July 2006 with someone whose surname was Mr. Neurotic, who blamed me for everything from his ATM card not working, to him arriving with no Czech currency at all, to him wanting a porcelain crown in 2 days which was never the initial agreement and hence was not possible to be done in such a short time, to making a complete asshole of himself at the dentist.
He did get all the rest done at the dentist though.
I wavered the organization fee, and after two days of his antics also gave him 2 nights accommodation for free meaning I refused to accept his accommodation fee for two nights and promptly 'moved' him to a local bed and breakfast just to get rid of the jerk and before my patience ran out - and also to avoid having to wring his neck for him.
Three other patients from Ireland and the UK were here at the same time and for the two days I had anything to do with this dumb ass kept making bets on how long I would take his arrogance before I went berserk.
I didn't - but have witnesses who reckon I had every right to ]


Subsequent dental visits:
For patients coming back at another date to continue their dental treatment as in the case of dental implants, bridges, or simply because they prefer to split up their dental trips over here into short stays and not have to spend 10 days in a row here (some have chosen to come back several times for just a Friday and Saturday treatment due to their job schedules)
... the organization cost for the second visits is

Czech Crowns 1800

This means that if you need to come over for 3 or more dental visits, you pay the first main fee for the first visit, then the subsequent visits fee for each other visit.

The subsequent visit fee includes subsequent dental treatment organization, accommodation booking, and basically same as above as far as our services in taking care of you during your subsequent visit goes.
I probably spend Euro 50 for each patient just in mobile phone call costs, offering beers and Slivovitz each time they come over so this seems a fair price to me.


[[[ a note from myself on our dental treatment organization fees... AARRGHgghhh !

Some time back (December 2005) someone wanted to haggle and barter about my dental treatment organization fee and it got pretty embarrassing.

This person's standpoint was that despite the fact that she was aware that there was an organization fee to pay, and she had in fact written in an e-mail that she understood this - she thought that the fee was too much to pay for my services.

After all, (her words) I had only taken her to her first appointment, sat there with her for 3 hours, then spent the whole afternoon showing her the Kromeriz town centred and where to buy what and where to eat and drink etc., booked various taxis for her, organized her arrival and departure taxi, went with her on three occasions to the exchange kiosk, and basically spent three evenings with her and other dental patients going out for a drink.
This clever lady reckoned that since I seemed to be having so much fun in doing all of this - that the fee was too high.

What she overlooked was the following:
I may spend 30 to 50 Euro on each patient in phone calls and buying a few beers , or I need to spend more time in informing the patient about something, book taxis for them, meet for dinner etc.
And sitting at the dentist may seem fun, - it isn't, and of course I don't mind going out for a beer where in 5 hours out I pay for mine, often buy a few rounds for everyone, and also spend a fortune in drinks and food for myself and Carla when we do this 5 times a week.
All these are tangible costs, not to mention the actual man-hours spent with each patient between the first dental appointment and all the other bits and pieces all the way to their departure.

And I look as if I'm enjoying it all - even if on few occasions I'm not - as the person is boring, gets drunk or is just not my cup of tea - but that's what I do and offer to do from start to finnish - make people feel welcome.

She also forgot to mention the 15 e-mails and about 10 phone calls that were needed between myself the dentist and her to organize her dental appointment even before she came over here.

... but - this nice lady overlooked the MAIN IMPORTANT FACTOR for why my service exists.
She had been quoted £ 8.000 (pounds sterling) to have the dental treatment she needed done in the UK.

In Kromeriz, her dental bill came to £ 2.500.
Add another £ 600 for the 2 trips/flights and accommodation she needed to get her teeth fixed and we have a total of £3.100.
Excuse me - but that is a saving of around
£ 4.900.

So I just saved this lady nearly 5000 quid and have to listen to how my organization fees are too expensive ?
You must be joking and if you aren't then please go elsewhere to get your teeth done.
[ in the end she figured out the saving maths herself and did pay me]

The moral of this story is that not only do you get to go to top dentists and get your dental treatment done in 10 days or two visits as opposed to two years elsewhere and 20 visits to your local dentist - you also save a f**** fortune - so do me a favour and appreciate this minor detail before you come over here and start embarrassing me - and yourself in bartering my service charges....]]]

Every patient who has been over here has told me that this is cheap in comparison to what they receive and that's why the fee is what it is.

And if you save thousands of pounds on your dental treatment costs and get it all done in 10 days or two weeks, then this fee is pretty nominal.

[ However - having myself survived poorer days when money was short and life was hell - if anyone can reasonably convince me that they really are without money and have only so much to pay for the dental treatment - this means that you must be very poor indeed - I will offer my services for free. ]


Still with me ?
(and I can be even more boring over a good glass of REAL Slivovitz ... which my dentist recommended as the best painkiller after having a tooth extracted.)
... but do read the rest please.

Interpreting services from Czech to English and from English to Czech:

The dentists we now work with all speak reasonable English and I myself or Carla will accompany you on your first visit, to translate, introduce you and to make sure everyone is clear on what everyone is going to be doing / having done - and this is included in the organization fee.

If this first visit is at 7 in the morning or other inhumane time - you owe me one czech beer (which costs 0.75 Euro cents / UK Pence 51) to make the shock of getting up so early less painful for me.

The point of myself being present at the first visit to the dentists is that I can make sure that everything and I mean EVERYTHING is crystal clear TO YOU during the first visit.
This includes:
- The dental analysis and dental treatment the dentist explains you may need.
- Your feedback to him on this
- The actual dental plan
- The costs of each treatment
- Other appointment dates during your stay.

After the first visit, you can continue to go to the dentist on your own - and quite a lot of patients do exactly this.
Some still chose to have me or Carla accompany them.

I myself speak Czech, English, Italian, German and Spanish, so I can take care of most visitors.

If you feel that you would like me to be present at the other dental visits during your stay - then I charge 10 Euro per hour for interpreting and my time.
This is not necessary but some patients chose to have it this way.
99% of dental patients who have been here have managed perfectly on their own at the dentist after the first introductory visit.

If, by chance the dentist needs me to translate something or to better explain some part of the treatment at a later visit -then I will come to the next dental visit and translate free of charge or this will be done via phone from me to you.


Direct accommodation in Kromeriz or Zlin for your dental treatment visit.

Accommodation during your dental visit.
We now book dental patient directly into various accommodation options.

Accommodation in Kromeriz:
We now have available three independent apartments in Kromeriz.
Two beautiful attic apartments and one garden apartment.
The two Kromeriz attic apartments can each bed two persons and are very central and ideal for 1 or 2 persons. Satellite Tv, cooking facilities, shower corners, bathrooms, wc, fridge, etc
As of February 2007 - both our attic apartments now have broadband internet connections.

The Kromeriz garden apartment is in a very quiet part of Kromeriz and ideal for a couple or a single person who likes a bit of peace and quite but also likes to be independent.
The garden apartment can bed two persons and is very central and ideal for 1 or 2 persons with tv, radio, cooking facilities, shower corner and wc and a beautiful garden which is right next to the Kromeriz Castle gardens.

If you check out the two links above you'll find pics of the apartments, prices per night and a more exhaustive description.

These solutions are much better than local hotels and bed and breakfasts and here is why:
a) you are independent even to cook for yourself, have no nosy neighbours and get no hassle from the hotel night porter when at 2 am in the morning you turn up with some friends for a glass of wine
b) they are cheaper than reasonable local hotels and b&bs.
c) they are nice and cozy, clean and contain a fridge too which some hotels don't offer.

If the attic apartments and the garden apartment are booked up, we can book you into several local Kromeriz hotels with whom we have established a nice working relationship and we know that you are in good hands, will receive top quality european standard service.
The prices for hotel rooms start at around Czech Crowns 900 per night for one person.
For two persons - in a double bedroom - the price goes towards Czech Crowns 1400

Accommodation in Zlin:
In Zlin we have various Hotels and B&Bs from top class hotels to small bed and breakfasts of clean standards and perfect for a short dental visit.

For the rest concerning Zlin and Kromeriz:
Food is dead cheap, beer is almost for free... oh and did we mention the cheap dentists ?


Booking airport taxi pickups at either Vienna, Prague or Brno airports.
This service is also free of charge - you just pay the taxi.

But you are free to book your own taxi either in Vienna, Prague or Brno if you have money to throw away.

Or - travel by bus or train.
If that's the case - let us know and we will e-mail you timetables of buses and trains from:
Prague, Vienna; or elsewhere in Europe to Kromeriz and Zlin


Get it ?

Hopefully, you the prospective dental patient looking for good but affordable dental services in the Czech Republic now understand the mechanics - or the 'human logic', behind our dental treatment assistance services.

Obviously, if you can organize your own interpreter or contact person who knows dependable dental services in the Czech Republic, who in turn should be able to get you dental treatment appointments with them - then you are wasting your time in reading the rest of the dental treatment sections of this web site.


How can you get your teeth repaired in the Czech Republic in Kromeriz or in Zlin ?
You could just turn up on your own in Kromeriz or Zlin, or any other similar sized town throughout the Czech Republic, find a Czech dentist and hope he can fit you in but we do suggest having someone who speaks Czech with you and in getting an appointment and cost quote well in advance of your just turning up.

And please remember, Prague dentists can be at least three times as expensive as those in Zlin and Kromeriz.

But just turning up is NOT ADVISABLE.
Simply because like other European dentists, Czech dentists have their appointment schedules which are pretty tight and just turning up after coming all the way from Australia to only be told to come back in 6 weeks would be a shame.

This is why we now work with four dentists who in turn have two separate dental labs to make the crowns and bridges for them so that we can get you an appointment within one week's notice.
For emergencies - even tomorrow if you can get here so fast.


The correct procedure in getting an appointment in Kromeriz or in Zlin with the dentists and eventually having dental treatment done is as follows:

First of all check out our czech dental treatment section - and the costs of each dental treatment - and the time needed for each type of dental treatment

Read the czech dental organization services FAQS page. You'll find a link to this page further down.
The Faq page offers details on how to go about getting a dental appointment.

If you don't read the FAQ page and do not follow the procedure described you probably won't receive a reply from me concerning any request you might have made.

Yes - you have up to now read that we actually do offer a phone number through which you can speak to us directly.
This number is included somewhere in the rest of the information pages concerning our dental treatment organization services and you will find it only if you invest enough of your time to get more informed on the treatment costs and dental treatment descriptions.

I prefer to organize dental appointments for people who are not lazy in getting all the facts - which are all included in this part of the website.

I take this pretty seriously - as I am the actual guarantor - and since it's your teeth, please do so too.

Getting an appointment with a Czech Dentist in Kromeriz or Zlin....

You now have very useful and precise information on dental services and costs in Kromeriz, Zlin and probably for most Czech dentists. You can use this information to start searching for a Czech Dentist by yourself.

If on the other hand you would like to use our dental treatment assistance in booking a dental appointment, need interpreting services and general pre and during treatment assistance, or even help in booking a bed and breakfast or hotel in Kromeriz or Zlin then please go to the dental treatment appointment faqs section for the exact procedure on how to receive our dental appointment organization services and those of the dentists.



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